weekend fun!

Whew! What a fabulous weekend!! Friday was the Hartney grad with a gathering and fireworks to follow (sorry no pics).
Then Saturday was dirt biking at the sand hills; what a blast!

That evening there was a BBQ at the Elgin dam, so I had to sneak a photo in of this munchkin :)

it was a beautiful evening with a full on Ultimate Frisbee game...  

and another beautiful Manitoba sunset
Sunday evening we went to check on the house progress and Husband decided to jump in the basement to really check things out :) things are moving along!
We ended our Sunday evening with a bike ride around Souris.
 Including a stop at the White Owl for a slurpee and some 5 cent candy as well as seeing a whole flock of baby geese coming out of the river!


Now I just have to include this next picture. You see this past weekend in Wainwright it was Stampede weekend and if there is anyone that's a born cowboy its this guy right here! He got to snag a pic with his old boots that are now repurposed as flower pots and he is absolutely pumped!! 
For anyone who doesn't know this handsome turkey is my nephew Landon and I'm so excited that he and his mom are coming to visit us in a couple weeks!!!

I'll let that do for now, all in all it was a pretty fabulous weekend!!


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  1. Ah! Jess, this is great!! I Love it!!! Keep it up......when there is time!! ;-/
    Off to Emo today. Days have been crazy busy with me too. I guess life is what we make it & "summer" seems like a time when we crowd LOTS of things into our lives. All so enjoyable though.
    Hope things are still progressing in the building area of your lives.
    Cheerio for now......Shirley

    P.S. Love my phone. This relationship is growing!! :-)