Second week of July?

Has anyone else looked at the calendar and been SHOCKED that we are working our way thru the 2nd half of 2013?! CRAZY how time flies when you are having fun!

This weekend was a mis-matched weekend of greatness!! Friday night we fought the swarms of mozzies and went dirt biking in the sand hills. It was my second time ever (this time with a new back tire to give me better traction in the sand) and the 1st time for Husband to take out his new-to-him bike!! Oh what a blast and I have the bruises to prove it! (don't worry I won't show pics of that but this is 2 years in a row I'll show up at convention with bruised legs haha!)

Saturday afternoon I tried making my first real batch of Rhubarb Slush. Husband has been talking about this since I met him, and while I tried a few recipe's that I found online they just weren't quite right! THEN I received the real recipe in the book of recipe's the ladies around here gave me when we got married; as soon as it's frozen and we have Sprite in the house we are going to dig in!
We had contemplated going camping this weekend but the weather man's predictions weren't that promising... However Friday night Husband and I (being the only ones around with everyone gone to conventions and such) were desperate to try out the lake anyway! So Thunderstorm watch or not we packed up our swim gear and towels and off we went to Oak Lake...
We raced to get in the water before the rain hit, (cuz you wouldn't want to get rained on... that might get you wet!!!! ;) ) but it was FR-FR-FR-FREEZING!!!
 And then it rained...
So we escaped to the club house :)
This to being a first visit for me I was very impressed with the golf course (I can't golf but its pretty) the clubhouse and the meal was delish too!!
We did get to soak up some sun Sunday afternoon and are both quite crispy to prove it... but no pictures of us in our lobster state...
Hope your weekend was a fabulous as ours, until next time - j

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