faaaaabulous week!

Oh my I hardly know where to start! Be warned this is more than likely going to end up being a "brag post" of my nephew Landon. He absolutely makes my heart smile with his spontaneous "love you Jessa" or "Guess what?" Me: "What Lanny?" Landon: "Nuffin" followed by a 30 second giggle :) or "Mommy I don't wanna leave, I love Uncle Craig and Jessa!" ahhh yes completely melts your heart!!

So Jax and Lanny showed up at our place last Friday night and had a whole week and 2 days with us! What a treat!

First things first! Lets build a fort in the living room!

The next few days were jam packed with swimming
(or waiting for us to be ready to go swimming)

Helping out in the kitchen...
"Mommy/Jessa? Whats for me to do?" Such an awesome helper!!

 The Souris Rodeo!!! We have a rodeo?!!? YESSS!!!
 (Photo credit: Landon Byers)

Playing catch with Uncle Craig... And finding a bird that misjudged the window of our abode..
"He shoulda flew up more Mom"
Isn't that gleam in his eye precious!?!?!

Going for a bike ride to Par-West the ice cream shop...
Now Souris isn't huge but we live on the opposite end of town from "that ice cream place" and it was quite the trek across town with some impressive hills for those 4-almost-5-year-old-legs!!!

Spending time in the park with Kord!! 

 Last minute mowing of the lawn with Uncle Craig and watering flowers before we head off for "Conbention"
Uncle Craig is a pretty cool guy can't you tell?!

 Now I didn't snag many pics while we were at Convention as my phone was usually dead and sitting somewhere in the trailer.. but couldn't resist a couple goofy ones :) trying on Uncle's shoes and Auntie's glasses!!!

Here a quick pic of Jax modeling one of the skirts I made her.. Doesn't she look fabulous!!
Ahhh Home Sweet Home!!! Almost back to Souris after 4 wonderful days in Portage!!

Well there you have it... some snapshots of our week.. it was such a blast, we looooooved having them! Our house is a little quiet now... but hopefully they will be back soon!!!
There has been some "totally awesome" (as Landon would say) progress on our house so I'll be posting again soon with some pics!


  1. Thanks for the glimpse. Waiting to see them on this end,, don't know if it be today or when.... :)

  2. Aunties are allowed to brag up their adorable nephews!
    Landon is a cutie and he's lucky to have such a great auntie & uncle. It was great to see you guys, Landon & Jax - hope to see more! ;)
    Lynda Jackson

  3. precious memories. lucky boy!!!!!
    Lois R.

  4. Aw! So special ..and...he IS one dear little fellow!!! Love the pics!