its a wrap!

Honestly, I hardly even know what to tell you except WE ARE IN!! This week we've been packing, moving, unpacking, organizing and LIVING in our house!! I'll catch you up in the photos becuse I know you really aren't here to listen to me ramble :)
Kitchen Cabinets going in.... 

 Laundry Room

Foyer Light!! (my fav piece, but the photo doesn't do it justice...)
 Appliances ready to go in!!!!

Love that this munchkin brought her parents for a visit
Checkin' out the furniture!!
On the last day ALL the contractors showed up!!
Hello countertops, I adore you!!
Yeah! Washer and dryer!!
Well the house is ready for us.... let start packing!!!
This was done in 3 hours with the help of 2 amazing ladies that live down the street :)
Found this little note from my mom that was written on this kitchen box when I moved from Alberta to Manitoba :) thanks mom!!
haha chaos much?!
So many people helped with the packing and unpacking so far, and I didn't take the time to snap pictures of you all, but you know who you are so THANK YOU!!
 Priority: Make the bed pretty for our first sleep in the new house!!
A beautiful "Lily of Peace" sent from some amazing friends, I just LOVE it!

Well all for now.. I'm currently unpacking and organizing and trying to get ready for Christmas in less than a week (say what!?). So pics of the rooms when they are all set up will probably have to wait for the New Year.

Happy Holidays to you and yours, hope they are fabulous for each of you!!

until soon,



  1. House is lovely I like it thanks for pics u post enjoy seeing them

    1. Hannah, so glad you check out the pics every now and again! You'll have to come see it in person someday soon!! -c&j