weekend fun!

Whew! What a fabulous weekend!! Friday was the Hartney grad with a gathering and fireworks to follow (sorry no pics).
Then Saturday was dirt biking at the sand hills; what a blast!

That evening there was a BBQ at the Elgin dam, so I had to sneak a photo in of this munchkin :)

it was a beautiful evening with a full on Ultimate Frisbee game...  

and another beautiful Manitoba sunset
Sunday evening we went to check on the house progress and Husband decided to jump in the basement to really check things out :) things are moving along!
We ended our Sunday evening with a bike ride around Souris.
 Including a stop at the White Owl for a slurpee and some 5 cent candy as well as seeing a whole flock of baby geese coming out of the river!


Now I just have to include this next picture. You see this past weekend in Wainwright it was Stampede weekend and if there is anyone that's a born cowboy its this guy right here! He got to snag a pic with his old boots that are now repurposed as flower pots and he is absolutely pumped!! 
For anyone who doesn't know this handsome turkey is my nephew Landon and I'm so excited that he and his mom are coming to visit us in a couple weeks!!!

I'll let that do for now, all in all it was a pretty fabulous weekend!!



week 2

Well its been a crazy busy couple of weeks! With the 2 building projects on the go we don't have to worry about running out of things to do! There are always summer time projects to keep us going!!

The boys have been hard at work making the lane for N&R's new lane! (sorry I haven't snapped a pic of the finished product I was just concerned about the Pete ;) )


Plus yesterday everyone was down at our yard! Now that the basement walls are poured and set, we were given the green light to backfill!

There's our tree trimming crew! If you look really close you can see that Kord is helping Grampa drive the loader while Lyell runs the chainsaw! Craig, Larissa and I were down below discussing which branches were dead and in the way! It's serious business!!

I'm finally caught up with skirt orders these are the last of my current orders being shipped today!

I just had to snap a picture of Zeneca wearing hers with her pink boots!!

 All for now - j



With both Craig (often referred to as Husband) and I having family near and far, as well as being a lover of reading other peoples blogs I decided I'd give this blogging thing a try myself. You may have to bear with me while I muddle my way through figuring it out but hopefully it will be a great experience for everyone involved! Be warned that the posts may be varied as we have a continuous stream of projects on the go. Husband is always busy with farm stuff: hauling cattle, feeding cattle, fixing equipment and inventing pieces to make life on the farm easier (just to list a few). And I tend to occupy my time with: my graphic, web design & sewing business (you can check out my website here designs by jessica), baking, gardening, oh and a full time job at the Town office. Not to mention we are building a house this summer! Crazy? Maybe but we are loving every minute of it! I'll let this do for now, maybe the next one will boast of some pictures!! - J