With both Craig (often referred to as Husband) and I having family near and far, as well as being a lover of reading other peoples blogs I decided I'd give this blogging thing a try myself. You may have to bear with me while I muddle my way through figuring it out but hopefully it will be a great experience for everyone involved! Be warned that the posts may be varied as we have a continuous stream of projects on the go. Husband is always busy with farm stuff: hauling cattle, feeding cattle, fixing equipment and inventing pieces to make life on the farm easier (just to list a few). And I tend to occupy my time with: my graphic, web design & sewing business (you can check out my website here designs by jessica), baking, gardening, oh and a full time job at the Town office. Not to mention we are building a house this summer! Crazy? Maybe but we are loving every minute of it! I'll let this do for now, maybe the next one will boast of some pictures!! - J

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