house update!

Lately there have been some requests for house updates!!

First let me just say, and I hope I'm not going to jinx us, but so far this house building thing has been a fabulous growing experience! Yes there have some stressful moments (AKA the moment I find out Husbands dislike for grey equals my dislike for brown :O) however, Husband is an amazing individual and we've been able to find some sort of compromise for everything that we can't agree on! We've just had fun picking out things for our home, and trying to make wise decisions like we know what we are doing. As my dear Grampa Dean said when he was asked for advice sometime after their 55th wedding anniversary, "It's all about give and take".

Anywho! I'm getting off track... House stuff?! Here we go:

This is what was accomplished when we left for the Dean Reunion
(sorry its a little dark)
Shortly after we returned there were rafters up!!
Now I can't remember the timeline exactly, and apparently our roof was a difficult one (who knew?!) and it actually took 3 weeks to put up rafters and sheet the roof of the house and garage.  
this is my kitchen!!!
Looking in the front entrance.

Sheeted roof! Man its looking like a house :D :D
An exciting day.. Windows arrived!!
Let me tell you a little something.. this picture was taken at 12:30 pm when the truck showed up with windows...
Annnnd THESE pictures were taken at 5:30 pm (5 hours later!!) and all the main floor windows and doors were in!!! (insert crazy happy dance and hollering here)
So yup its all been super duper awesome!!!
Oh ya and that same day a tub showed up :) Me thinks we can move in shortly ;) KIDDING..
So there ya have it, you're up to date!! Well, actually, since these photos the basement windows, garage windows, an interior wall and some plumbing has been put in place buuuut I don't have pics of that yet :) so I'll let this do for now!!


dean reunion - it's gonna be a good one!

Oh boy! This past long weekend was the Dean Reunion 2013. My legs are still hurting from the slackline, my sides still pain from all the laughter and my throat is still a little scratchy from the singing but we wouldn't have it any other way!

What a beautiful time of year to drive through the prairies!!

We faithfully followed the directions we were given...
and finally made it to be met by the "Camp Commander!"

Sunset, campfire, family - what a great way to begin the weekend!

First thing on the planned agenda was a log sawing contest!!

What a workout! And to think Grampa did this for 85 cents a day!!


These two equal trouble
Get all of these ones together and that equals TROUBLE!

Who said the swings were for the kids?
Remember that slack line I mentioned earlier? Here's a few shots of us trying to master it!

There was an ice cream stand, ventriloquist and endless jam sessions...
 Have I mentioned I'm related to a ridiculously talented group of people?!

Sunday afternoon there was high tea for the ladies and a steak fry for the gentlemen  
And then a few family photos!

After photos the traditional water fight broke out and only a few remained dry that day!! But I didn't want to risk soaking my phone so there are no pics to prove it...
Suddenly it was Monday and time to pack up; it POURED rain... thankfully up until this point we had fabulous weather!!

One very special man was missing from our reunion this year. Grampa passed away this spring and the empty chair was especially felt on Sunday morning.

Uncle Gar had a copy of Grampa's Certificate of Service from World War 2 on display; he served overseas and fought in the front lines of battle during the war. We owe so much to the Veterans and those willing to fight for our freedom.
There was also a box of pictures that had been at Grampa and Gramma's house and we were able to go thru and claim a few that meant something to us!
Gramma and Jax

Grampa, Jax and I 
Well there you have it. A glimpse of our long weekend... I realize as I look at the pictures I spent more time just enjoying the moment than I did taking pictures and therefore I don't have a picture to go with every moment or memory. Even though these pictures are somewhat blurry and the color and lighting isn't anywhere near perfect, for those of us that were able to attend as well as those family members that weren't these few pictures are memories that we will cherish!