long overdue

As per usual life is crazy busy in our corner of the world and I've neglected to update the blog for a few weeks... So prepare yourself for the onslaught of photos I'm about to throw at you!!

Shop Update:
Photo shoot:
Larissa has been wanting "family pics" and "1 year old pics" of Kord and I've been wanting to get "1 year married pics" of Craig and I, so we joined forces and I took some photos for them and she returned the favor! 
 (seriously love this little monkey!)
(so awesome to have this trio so close!!)
House Update:
Since we've last updated you there has been quite a few changes!!
1st: Insulation & Vapor Barrier
2nd: Drywall
(stairs to basement and hallway to bedroom end of the house)
(master bedroom)
 (living Room)
3rd: Exterior scratch coat was applied (stucco to come later)
4th: Rock started to go up!
5th: Interior Mud & Tape
(living room)
(master closet)
(entry from garage: the right door leads into the mudroom, the left door leads straight into the pantry!)
Next up: PAINT!! :D
 N&R House Photos:
(kitchen, pantry to the right & entry to the left)
(living room)
 (looking out of the living room towards the kitchen, entry, then bedroom end of the house)
(Exterior, scratch coat is on!)
Last, but certainly not least, silage update!
(photo credit: Larissa)
(photo credit: Larissa)
(best helper out there!(photo credit: Larissa))
Can you see the cutter in the corn?
Here's a video of the 7950 cutting machine! Fairly impressive eh?
last supper ready to go to the field!!
One month later = FINISHED!
 If you look close the guys are all standing in front of their machines (if you click the photos it will bring up a larger version) (photo credit: Larissa)

Pile #1
(photo credit: Larissa)
Pile #2
Oh, and a few of the bales :)
Well there ya have it! That's a glimpse here and there of what we've been up to for the last few weeks... until next time    -j 

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  1. Well done Jess. Exciting days. Wonderful to share them with you!!! Many Thanks!!!