silage has begun!

Its that wonderful crazy time of year when the silage is coming in!! There has been a request from Ireland that I post a few photos of the silage happenings.. So we decided to do one better and post a couple videos for you:

Here's one of the crews cutting some of the corn thats just south of the feedlot. This isn't the tallest thats grown this year, we haven't got to that area yet, what you see here is around 12 feet tall :)

Here's one of Craig and Lyell packing the pile, it's still in the beginning stages so maybe we'll post another video towards the end of the season too when the pile is a little bigger! 
Craig is running the 8360 with the buck rake and Lyell is in the 4-wheel drive with the blade.
We just realized that in this video I caught the only 2 trucks out of 12 that don't have automatic tail gates on their trailers! Haha oh well it gives you an idea of what we are up to these days!
Hope you've enjoyed =)
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