house progress

Wow the last 2 weeks have been INCREDIBLE in the building process! I was sorting thru my photos and realized, wow, these may not really look like anything to anyone else HAHA... So I'll try and organize them in a way that makes sense and is sorta interesting :D

Week 1:
 The builders came back Monday after three weeks off and they started off with this:
 (basement walls complete and ready for the main floor system!)
By Tuesday night the beam was in as well as 80% of the floor system:
(looking from the North East)
(looking from the South East)
Wednesday we stopped in around 2pm on our way to Portage and they were already starting to sheet the floor!

 Lumber line-up!!

Thursday evening while we were at Convention, Lyell snapped us a picture.
3 of 4 exterior walls are standing and sheeted!!!
Week 2:
Monday night we couldn't wait to go down and see it for ourselves!! The walls we've been looking at on paper for over a year are now becoming a reality!! SOOOO EXCITING!!!
(view looking from the North East corner)
Our living room window! Wow what a whopper :D :D

See that over there? That's my kitchen!!!!
(I would show you the view from the kitchen window but the state of my garden is embarrassing!)

Tuesday night half the interior walls were in place... There's something pretty awesome about being able to stand in the rooms and feel them, see them... I can't explain :)
 (this is again, looking from the north east corner)
(this is taken from the entry way looking North to the bedroom end of the house)
Wednesday evening the remainder of the interior walls were in place!

(this is taken from the South East corner)
Thursday they worked on the garage walls
3/4 are standing!!
(South East side looking West into the garage)
(taken from the South East corner)
So after 8 working days they've gone from this:

To this:
(back view taken from the South West corner)
Crazy right?!?!?!! It's sooooooo exciting!!!!!! Looking forward to your thoughts and hope I didn't bore you to death!!! -j


  1. Oh my word! this is a BIG house! Lucky girl!

  2. How many sq feet again?

  3. Jess this is great!!! Your excitement is contagious!!!! I'm so glad that I live nearby!!!! Thanks for sharing it all. I Love it!!!