the little things...

We've been in our house for almost 2 months now. Crazy eh? It's so hard to believe! I was standing in the hall way last night and looking around and seriously got a few little butterflies in my tummy. Its just so hard to believe we are in our house; we absolutely LOVE everything about it. Having never built before it was a bit nerve racking trying to making wise decisions and hoping it would somewhat resemble our vision in the end. And guess what? We wouldn't change a thing!!

This post is actually about my laundry room, well more specifically my laundry room light! (Before I go any farther I just need to let you know that Husband has deemed the laundry room "my room" so I was able to go as girly and colourful as I wanted in it!! :) I tried to keep the rest of the house a little more masculine haha) Back in the summer I found this light at Canadian Tire and I knew it was EXACTLY what I wanted!!

A little bling + a little price tag (purchased on red Friday for a whopping $30) = win-win!

Craig may or may not have raised his eyebrow at my choice originally and to be honest when it was first up it didn't  quite do what I wanted (don't tell him that). Then on the weekend Husband decided we should try a different light bulb in the fixture... GENIUS moment let me tell you.

Isn't she beautiful?!

"My room" isn't a large room being approximately 7' square (I say approx. because it isn't actually square, two of the corners are 45 deg angles. The door comes in on an angle and the wall behind the sink angles in also.) on the left it has a counter for folding and cupboards for linens etc...

And on the right a sink for soaking and a washer & dryer.

The last, but certainly not the least detail, the laundry chute door that leads to our ensuite so I don't have to haul laundry "all the way around"!!

Yup I'm in love with my room, it makes laundry day a little more cheery!! 



vacation - a little snow & a litle sun

Every year around Christmas time each couple at the feedlot gets to take off for a week!! It's such a fabulous and much needed break half way thru our busy season. Wait.. we have a slow season?? If we do I haven't found it yet ;) there is always something going on in the farming life so we take our week break at Christmas and CHERISH every second!!

This year, because my family all came here to Manitoba for Christmas, Craig and I got to go away for our holiday! We drove out to Fernie, BC where Craig sledded (snowmobiled) for 3 days. Well, he actually only went sledding for 2 of 3 days as the avalanche warning was high the second day so we went snowboarding instead!!

(PS I don't go sledding I stayed in the town and browsed, read and relaxed :) )

Then we flew from Calgary to Mexico for 3 fabulous 28 degree days!!! It was Husbands first hot holiday and guess what? He LOVED it!!

A lot of time spent on the beach playing President!! 

AMAZING breakfasts!

Yet another game of president, under our little cabana, drinking pina coladas and LOVING every minute :)

Annnnd we arrived in Calgary dressed like this… and it was FR-FR-FR-EEZING!! :) 

welcome home… hahah 

all for now


Happy Holidays... only a month late :)

Yes, I realize it is the end of January and I am just getting around to posting photos from Christmas. However, that's just how it goes sometimes!! We had so much fun getting ready for Christmas and being able to host it in our new house!! It was chaotic to say the least as we moved into our house on Monday the 16th and my family arrived the following Monday!!! But I had oodles of help and the fam-jam is pretty understanding ;)

Loving my new pantry with access from the garage!! 

Some Christmas baking!! 

Safety first at our house :) 

Puzzle time

Christmas Eve sock!!! This guy just makes my day :) 

Christmas dinner… Well I don't have any pics.. I know what a fail but the ones I do have I'm pretty sure I'd be in trouble if I published them so we will leave it at that :) 

Gingerbread house crew!! 
Our masterpiece

Some good ol' fashioned tobogganing fun!! 

Wouldn't be Christmas without a wild game of… well whatever this one is called. You know the one where there is a gift wrapped a million times and if you roll doubles you get to put on the toque and mitts and try unwrap it before the next person rolls doubles…….. its a hoot! 

Dad and Craig put the ping pong table to good use!! Seriously we lost count of the number of games played over the 6 days they were here! 

Because the roads were really bad we got to keep Mom and Dad for an extra day so we celebrated with homemade soup and moms biscuits 

A small glimpse of the fun-filled Christmas week at our place :) was so special to have my family here in MB for our first Christmas in our new house!!

More overdue posts to come soon