vacation - a little snow & a litle sun

Every year around Christmas time each couple at the feedlot gets to take off for a week!! It's such a fabulous and much needed break half way thru our busy season. Wait.. we have a slow season?? If we do I haven't found it yet ;) there is always something going on in the farming life so we take our week break at Christmas and CHERISH every second!!

This year, because my family all came here to Manitoba for Christmas, Craig and I got to go away for our holiday! We drove out to Fernie, BC where Craig sledded (snowmobiled) for 3 days. Well, he actually only went sledding for 2 of 3 days as the avalanche warning was high the second day so we went snowboarding instead!!

(PS I don't go sledding I stayed in the town and browsed, read and relaxed :) )

Then we flew from Calgary to Mexico for 3 fabulous 28 degree days!!! It was Husbands first hot holiday and guess what? He LOVED it!!

A lot of time spent on the beach playing President!! 

AMAZING breakfasts!

Yet another game of president, under our little cabana, drinking pina coladas and LOVING every minute :)

Annnnd we arrived in Calgary dressed like this… and it was FR-FR-FR-EEZING!! :) 

welcome home… hahah 

all for now

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