Happy Holidays... only a month late :)

Yes, I realize it is the end of January and I am just getting around to posting photos from Christmas. However, that's just how it goes sometimes!! We had so much fun getting ready for Christmas and being able to host it in our new house!! It was chaotic to say the least as we moved into our house on Monday the 16th and my family arrived the following Monday!!! But I had oodles of help and the fam-jam is pretty understanding ;)

Loving my new pantry with access from the garage!! 

Some Christmas baking!! 

Safety first at our house :) 

Puzzle time

Christmas Eve sock!!! This guy just makes my day :) 

Christmas dinner… Well I don't have any pics.. I know what a fail but the ones I do have I'm pretty sure I'd be in trouble if I published them so we will leave it at that :) 

Gingerbread house crew!! 
Our masterpiece

Some good ol' fashioned tobogganing fun!! 

Wouldn't be Christmas without a wild game of… well whatever this one is called. You know the one where there is a gift wrapped a million times and if you roll doubles you get to put on the toque and mitts and try unwrap it before the next person rolls doubles…….. its a hoot! 

Dad and Craig put the ping pong table to good use!! Seriously we lost count of the number of games played over the 6 days they were here! 

Because the roads were really bad we got to keep Mom and Dad for an extra day so we celebrated with homemade soup and moms biscuits 

A small glimpse of the fun-filled Christmas week at our place :) was so special to have my family here in MB for our first Christmas in our new house!!

More overdue posts to come soon


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