building, 1st anniversary, shop fire... the chaos we love continues

I hardly know where to start with this post! It's been a roller coaster since I posted last! There has been some fabulous progress on our house, however the progress is on things that you can't see from the outside but nonetheless I'll try give you a glimpse!

We did a little changing once we saw the interior and deleted a wall from the plans and inserted this little corner wall and "entry" to the hallway to the bedroom end of the house.
The basement cement was poured!
Stairs were framed...
 All basement walls are framed!

The Plumber and Electrician have been hard at work in the interior but I don't really know what picture to show you of that :)
Shingles are on!!!!!
On August 23rd we celebrated our very first wedding anniversary!  
 We spend the afternoon at Clear Lake, strolling thru the park and the shops
An intense game of mini golf!

And supper at the clubhouse!! 
In negative news : Friday morning of the September long weekend the shop at the farm burnt to the ground :(

It's a horrendous mess, huge headache and piles of paper work but we are so thankful no one was hurt and it was contained to the one area!
It's that beautiful time of year - fall. I LOOOVE summer and am sad to see it go but Fall is a favorite season as well there is so much to love about it!

So you can see we've had some ups and down the last little bit but its all part of life and we are so thankful for what we do have! I know there have been a few requests from Ireland for pics of N&R's new house and the progress there. I do promise I will work on some photos and post that project soon!
Until soon - j

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