quarter century

As of late I've been feeling particularly blessed. To be surrounded by loving friends and family and to live in a beautiful land where food, water & safety is plentiful is truly a privilege that is denied to too many. This feeling of overwhelming thankfulness bubbled up around the time of my quarter-of-a-century milestone.
Yup, you heard right I've reached the ripe old age of 25. Exactly one week ahead of Husband and he never lets me live it down!
We celebrated by going out for supper and then hitting up the Princess Auto to start replenishing the tool supply that burnt in the shop fire! 
Mmm my fav place in the whole wide city of Brandon to eat...
He's soo good to me!

 Then on Friday, at a proximately 3:30 pm I was absolutely and completely SHOCKED by my family waltzing into my office for a surprise weekend visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(insert shocked face, a few tears, and some random hugs and babbling here!!! )
I had absolutely NO idea they were coming and it was such a fantastic weekend!!!!!!It was sooo awesome to see them!!!  
We started things off with a house tour (i'll post some house pics at the end of this post) and picked some corn from my garden for a corn feast!! 

Surprise #2: Warren surprised Jax by coming down for the weekend too!!
So off we all went to explore the swinging bridge..

No weekend is complete with out hauling some bales and general farm work..
Which of course means I sneak a pic in of Landon and the Pete!
I didn't get pics of our Saturday evening at the new YMCA pool and supper at Five Guys...
 :( my bad!
Sunday afternoon we snapped some pics in front of the corn..

lighting is crazy but I love this one anyway!!

Our first pic in front of our house!
Sunday afternoon the new BBQ was manufactured in the living room :)
Courtesy of Dad, Husband, Warren and Landon!

Everyone returned home on Monday...wow what a FABULOUS birthday surprise!!!! If you're reading this THANK YOU again.. and to all those that apparently amazing at keeping secrets.. thanks :)
Husbands birthday was spent in the field doing what we love.. farming :)
Couldn't resist this sweet shot... 
 Then this past weekend we had a cake for the birthday boy when Pam and Craig came to visit!!
The September birthday babies!!!
Pouring cement has been on the agenda..
 soffit and facia (spelling?!)
Glad I'm not the electrican...
Ready for stucco!
The new shop (to replace the burnt one) went from this:
 ...to this in 3 days!!
A couple of random scenery shots that make my heart smile and adds to the amazing sense of overwhelming gratitude and love for the privileges we have to even witness the awesomeness of creation!

Well this brings us somewhat up to date.. Sharon, I have to apologize I STILL haven't taken pics of N&R's house and the progress there but it is on my ever growing to-do list!!!

Until next time!!


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