its been how long?

Wow, I haven't posted in ages! There were so many things, projects, photos etc that I was going to blog about. But, look at that it is now the first of August and its been over 5 months since my last post! Yes you read that right, 5 whole months have gone by and I haven't posted a thing! Lets catch up shall we?

This guy... Has a very special piece of Auntie's heart well wrapped around his finger!
Our piano arrived and OH MY GOODNESS I'm in my glory it's such a beautiful instrument we are soo fortunate to have it! love love love
My "office" is in the lower level and I love it that way mainly so I don't have to keep it tidy all the time (haha) but on days like this when I know I'll be doing paperwork for hours I haul my stuff to the dining room table so I can enjoy the sunlight too! (OH and a strawberry milkshake helps...)
We had a new restaurant open up in Souris called the Woodfire Deli, and their pizzas are awesome (cooked in a wood-fired open stove) I've heard great things about their sandwiches and salads also! We haven't tried any of the coffees (neither Husband or I really drink the stuff) but the Gelato is good! #woodfiredeli
The only time you'll see the kitchen counters with NOTHING on them...
waiting for the backsplash to be installed!!
 Hah, in order for there to be nothing on the counters this is what the island looked like :D
Backsplash! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this and am sooo glad Husband finally caved and agreed to go for it! :)
This picture is a true testament to how behind-the-times my blog is (insert embarrassed face here) this was taken back at the beginning of spring when we were hauling cattle to pasture!
Pam, Craig and the kidlets came to visit!!
Helloooo summa-summa-summa-time!
So thankful to have this special visitor, my Uncle Roy from Wainwright.. His daughter Heidi stopped in with him and why I didn't get a pic of her as well I'll never know :(

Just in case you hadn't heard we are having a baby!!

This beautiful lady is my sister, Jax, she got married on the 10th of May!
The family :D :D
Meanwhile in Manitoba Mom and Dad were visiting us! (yes you heard right Warren and Jax got married in Alberta while the rest of us were in Manitoba :D :D )

Just one of the super cool things about my sister getting married is that she moved to Manitoba!! We are now only 3 hours apart so the weekend after their wedding I was Winnipeg bound to see what damage I could do...
Haha and this is part of it! Jax and I took absolutely everything out of her cupboards and rearranged! Hey a girls gotta a do what a girls gotta do!! Warren was a great sport :)

They have this super cute house that absolutely suits the 3 of them!

First official baby bump pic :)
 Visiting the deer farm in Alberta where my father works! Seriously cool!
We spent the evening with these two before heading back home to Manitoba in order for their parents to have a much needed night off! It wasn't much of a hardship for this Uncle and Auntie :)

Another of my favorite summer treats!
We "helped" some good friends of ours with their renos... I honestly don't know if we were a help or a hindrance but it was an entertaining evening!!
Oh and they have a mini potbellied pig.. its AWESOME.. so far I haven't convinced Husband that we really need one of these....
17 weeks..
Yard work at the neighbors ;) we are so fortunate to live so close to family this little guy and Uncle Craig were supervisin' :) :)

Oh incase you didn't know apparently my Husband is a superior cake decorator! No seriously he was doing a better job than I was so he ended up icing the majority of the cake :D
Apparently its "just like welding"
Held our first "big bash" in our house for Averyl's birthday!!
That night was the start of some crazy wind and rain that swept the Southwest.. I fought long and hard to keep this tree around throughout the building process... however... well you see what happened! I'm just thankful it didn't fall another 6 inches to the north and take out our garage:S
 Some of the flooding..

Our first look at BabyA :)
Uncle "Ceag" and his helper... 
19 weeks :)
We went and spent the day in Winnipeg doing some shopping and of course stopped in to visit Jax, Warren and Landon.. I love this snap shot of the "farmers discussin"
This year for convention we were super fortunate to be able to meet my whole family at Theodore!
22 weeks, picking lettuce and weeds with the bump :)
The Anderson neices and nephews, getting this crew to stand still and smile simultaneously is nearly impossible! Wait 6 months when there are 3 more to add into the picture :D :D 
Another quick trip to Alberta, this time for a wedding tea and Landon had a ball playing with the tiny kittens... We might have to steal some next time... 
The "Home View" from Mom and Dad's deck... makes me smile a little
A trip home isn't complete without a visit to the train trestle! It spans the entire Battle River Valley and construction was started in 1906 and completed in 1909. Its quite an amazing thing to see! 
Saskatoon pickin'
This picture, although not great quality, just tugs on my heart strings. Landon and Papa sharing a bowl of cereal before bed, a ritual when these two are together :)
Went out to visit Boots, Jax horse, and Landon asked if I needed a massage while we were standing there :D so I just had to throw this pic in it melts my heart... 
Jax bought Boots as a 2 year old when she went to college 3 years ago and he has become the most loyal, gentle friend Landon could ask for! 
Well, hows that for a mix up of photos covering a 5 month span? I apologize that they really are just random bits of our summer so far.. but hey I guess that's what a blog is isn't it? A sneak peek of our lives and the activities that make up our days? I'm working on a "house tour" post with some professional photos that were taken of our house, stay tuned!
Until soon,

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  1. This is a perfectly Delightful, "catch-up!!!" And!! ....I can attest to the fact that it is not only a "lovely house," but it is a warm & welcoming "Home as well!! Love it!