getting closer...

In the month since I've blogged last, things have be progressing in leaps and bounds with the house and its been oh so exciting!! But first for a little glimpse of yet another amazing Manitoba sunset from the cab of the Pete :)
Pretty awesome isn't it?!

Ok house stuff! Last time I blogged we were left with drywall hung, mudded and taped awaiting paint!!

Our main living area (kitchen, dining & living) is a darker grey/brown

The bedrooms and basement are a lighter grey
Then came flooring!!!

Then came closet building:

 So we I ordered a closet unit online for our Master bedroom from Easy Closets. Husband seems to have an amazing amount of faith as he gave me the go ahead: I measured the room, came up with the plan and ordered the pieces. Without him even double checking that I could read a tape measure ;) Really it was a cinch! That is until it showed up in 26 boxes :O haha
 He got to do the measuring and marking of the walls while I read the instructions and tried to sort out the pieces!!

 By the end of the first night we had the shell up for Wall C!
On night #2 I just couldn't wait to dig in so I went ahead and put together the drawers and installed them in Wall C!! (we will wait to see how they hold up once there are actually clothes in them hah)
Husband arrived and we completed Walls B & A!!

That's it!! 2 nights and 26 boxes later and we have a fabulous closet ready for clothes! To anyone looking at closet units I would recommend Easy Closets, the directions are lacking a little but they get the job done!!!
On to the next...
Trim & interior doors arrived! 

YIKES! Glad its them that has to install all this and not me! 
 Garage doors are in!! Not necessarily the ones we ordered... buuuuuut we have doors :D
Shelving is going up in the pantry!

Shower is getting tiled!

All the doors and trim are up in the basement :D
 And then... (oh happy day) the cabinets arrived!!!!!
 So that's where we are at! The guys have been busy yesterday and today sorting out all the cabinets installing them in their rooms, finishing up the trim, hanging doors and all that fun stuff!!
Maybe next time I blog it will be moving day!?!?!? Fingers crossed!!!
Until then,